Thank you so much for coming to my page!! I have always had a deep passion for taking photos. Photography is not only a passion or hobby for me, but I truly believe it was my very first love. Not first love-I want to marry you, but first love-I want to travel the world and take you with me everywhere, first love. First love-I had butterflies in my belly everytime I went to pick up my developed photos at the store. First love-I slept, ate and dreamt photography. I started loving photography from very early on-poloraid, film and even those little photos that were stickers that you pulled out of the camera. I ALWAYS had my camera, always. Family members just knew, I would be the one to take the photos where-ever we were. I rememeber hearing, "I'm sure Celeste (or Celestina-as many family members called me) has her camera". So here I am many, MANY years later trying to branch off and make my first love, my life. I hope you love my photos as much as I love taking them.